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Old World Gutters is proud to announce a new addition to our selection of fine gutters.

 Fiberglass gutter joins our Classic half-round copper, aluminum and galvalume gutter, custom-made ogee copper, and k-style copper.

 Fiberglass gutter fills a need for a wood alternative.  After centuries of oiling, painting, and replacing rotted and insect-damaged wood gutter, we finally have a better alternative!  Fiberglass is able to offer the full aesthetic appeal of wood including wood grain, with the strength, durability and water control features boat owners now take for granted.  It weighs less and has four times the carrying capacity of standard wood gutter. 

 Fiberglass is cost effective.  Compared with the installation and yearly maintenance costs of wood gutter and the regular painting it requires, fiberglass is a solid investment in your home.  With its molded-in isthmic gel coat, the finish will endure over 25 years.  It comes with a 20-year manufacturer warranty.  No painting, no oiling, no worrying.

 Fiberglass gutter was developed by a boat builder right here in Eastern Massachusetts. Yankee ingenuity has once again come up with a simple, elegant solution--control water with the same material we use for building boats!  Please call or email for more information.‚Äč

New! Fiberglass Gutters