shown with cast fascia bracket

shown with optimal hanger unit

cast double open curl fascia bracket

Smooth & Corrugated Elbows

cast splash fascia bracket

cast open curl fascia bracket

The most popular styles of downspout brackets and straps are pictured below.

cast plain style bracket

stamped projecting downspout bracket

Our reverse lip product is better than standard rolled bead half-round.  It's better than k-style.  It's the best!

All gutters shown are available in 5", 6", or 8" sizes in heavy gauge 20 oz. copper.  

Most are also available in  .032 gauge aluminum or galvalume.‚Äč

cast queen anne fascia bracket

cast closed curl fascia bracket

cast stirrup style bracket with spring

Our most popular fascia brackets in cast brass or stamped copper are shown below.  They are also available in cast aluminum or stamped aluminum.

heavy gauge plain copper bracket

shown with stamped copper fascia bracket

stamped copper fascia bracket installed

Round downspout shown and recommended.  Other pre-made and custom styles available.  Please call. 
All styles available in copper, aluminum or galvalume, 3" and 4".

cast clover style bracket

stamped copper fascia bracket installed

Smooth & Corrugated Downspout

cast fascia bracket on roof bar hanger

True Craftsmanship and Timeless Style

stamped ornamental copper strap

cast plain fascia bracket

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